How can the garbage collection in the blueprint work?

I am considering how to optimize engine performance. I don’t know a programming language, and I have only been familiar with the blueprint. Recently, I saw the node “garbage collection” in the blueprint, and I searched for related concepts, but they were all C++, but I didn’t find the blueprint. So I am very frustrated, so I am here to ask, do you have any knowledge and experience in blueprint garbage collection? I would love to know how it works, thank you all.

Garbage collection is handled automatically by the engine. There is a way to force a Garbage collection, which can be used to collect garbage at points in the game where a hitch would not cause hinderance to gameplay (like during a cutscene/round change. You don’t have to worry about calling garbage collection manually, as the engine already handles this.

I see, thank you for your professional reply, thank you very much.

As explained in the other answer, you generally do not need to worry about it too much but you can make some tweaks in the project settings:

Have a look at the tooltips for more info. And here’s a more in-depth read:

Surprise, thank you for the link, I have seen many examples that can be studied here, to make up for some of the problems in the official documents that are not understood. Thank you very much.