How can the Binaries/Win64 directory be cleaned?

Under each project, there is a Binaries/Win64 directory that contains *.exe, *.pdb and *.dll files. These files can be quite large and each rebuild seems to generate more of them. VS clean does not remove them. I have tried deleting them, but the Editor complains that the project module is missing.

How can that directory be cleaned?

You need atleast dll, which is module containing your code and it is required to be loaded in order for editor to use your code. Im not sure about exe its needed only tu run game without editor but you need to cook content in order to use it, pdb is not needed.

There are many dlls, but if I delete some of them, I get the “module missing” error. How do you know which dlls to delete? I wish there were a way to completely clean that directory

ProjectName-ue4editor.dll, or else you fully build it in editor, either way pdb should take most space and you cen delete it

Ok that worked, I deleted all pdb and all other dlls. I’ll make it as answered.