How can see player name upon his head?

Hi, I have one problem , I had try many things but this problem come all time .
My problem is when i want to see player name upon his head , i see the user(client) name upon head of all player .
But i want to see their name upon their head .

Thanks you .
Sorry for my bad english :confused:

I think you create it on the server and the server writes its name there (instead of the clients).

Could you show us the code where you get the text to write there?

This is the bind of text in a widget for the name :

and in my thirdpersoncharacter i had create 3D Widget upon the character .

I think you have to use GetController instead of GetPlayerController.

Perhaps we are lucky and someone who knows this stuff helps out. Would be better than my guessing.

I try your solution but its impossible to connected GetController with the Player Controller