How can one define custom icons for custom blueprint events?

Some events have descriptive icons in the top left hand corner, such as this keyboard icon:


In custom events I’ve created with Cpp, this is always the following default icon:


How can I change this icon to a .png I have created for a certain class of custom events?

For a custom image I imagine you’ll need to change a lot of things from the core editor files. Have no idea where would I start though.

This could be a good track:
Check UK2Node::GetPaletteIcon(…) method.

Hi Chris,

This should be possible to do, but it may not be easy. The icons are set in the Engine source code, so you will need to modify that in order to change the icons that appear on the Blueprint nodes. If you decide to dig into this, it might be a good idea to create it as a plugin in case someone else wants this functionality in the future.