How can i vertex paint on instanced meshes within the editor

I want to apply the same vert paint to all mesh instances, however, the vertpaint tool does not allow me to paint on instances.
Currently, i have to paint on a noninstanced version of the mesh, then export and reimport it with baked vert paint.

The gain from instanced meshes is that each instance has a very small amount of difference between the other instances.
The position, orientation, and light map UV offset can be sent very cheaply per-instance, and the graphics card does the rest of the computation.
If you allow vertex paint on an instance, then each instance suddenly needs its own vertex color channel, and the whole GPU benefit of instanced meshes goes away.

Put another way: Instances are limited, to make them faster to draw “en masse” than static meshes. If you can’t live with those limitations, then you probably want to use regular static mesehs.

I dont need vert colors to be different between instances. I Want the same vert paint accross all instances.

You have to import the Vertex Paint Data from the 3D Modelling App you’re using. When importing a static Mesh, you can select to import the vertex paint data.

ok, thats unfortunate :(.