How can I use root animation with animation montage inside my Anim BP? Replicated Dedicated server

Good evening,

I’m working on a networked project. I have everything replicated correctly so movement and the original way I had my dodge/roll to work worked. But then I found out about root motion and I figured I’d use that because it would make everything much easier in the long run. My program is mainly in C++. Originally in my anim BP I used transitions and in my Player Character I used a replicated UPROPERTY that allowed the Anim BP to play the animation and then i used SetLocation() to change the location of the character. Although it kinda just teleported the character to where it needed to be, it worked as a good place holder. Now I want to use Root Motion because I read that it can move the character for you based on the animation and it’ll work with replication , etc. So it’s a good replacement right? Only thing is, I’ve looked up tutorial after tutorial and im not grasping how to activate a notify, I already have my enum for movement to work in C++. In my animBP i was thinking maybe i plug the animation montage to it and have a check but that doesnt work either. I am lost :frowning:

Already figured this out. Thanks…