How can I use Mixamo mesh with SK_Mannequin Skeletal mesh.

Hello, I’ve been working hard to solve this problem. Every time I add UE4 skeletal mesh as a skeletal mesh while importing Mixamo mesh, an error occurs.

Showing this dialogue box:

After pressing ‘Yes’ It says 'Failed to merge SkeltalMesh ‘SK_Mannequin’. I’ve tried this Add-on on blender to convert Mixamo bones to unreal skeletal bones. But it also get error message saying, ‘Error: Not all files could be converted, check console for more info’ and the console says

I’ve tried many models on mixamo and still it’s getting bone missing. Now I don’t want to add each missing bones manual to match. Is there any solution can you give me?

Hi there,
Mixamo skeleton is not compatible with UE4 Skeleton. Also, the option of rigging a Mixamo character with UE4 Skeleton is no longer available, as this feature was removed by Adobe months after the acquisition of Mixamo. The only way you can get Mixamo characters with UE4 Skeleton is via re-rigging it in an external application such as Maya or Blender.
Blender has a paid add-on called Autorig Pro, which does a decent work.

[Blender] Auto-Rig Pro Tutorials - Course Intro - YouTube

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