How can i use 2 cameras as syncronized in the same time?

Hi, im working on a project, but i cant do what i want.

What i want is exactly a game mechanic of Dishonored 2. You can watch the video from link.

This guy is exactly doing what i want. He is describing how to do it but he is using Unity, i couldn't understand because of im using Unreal Engine Blueprint.

Its just my best.

As understood, the sight in the mirror isn’t syncronized with our point of view. There is a link for more information.

I want to see syncronized view like Dishonored 2. How can i do that ?

This is my way of working.

My character is starting game on 1. Place. The place at down 5000 units from my character is actually copy of first place. I placed a camera 5000 units down and im seeing screen of there from upward. View is coming to up succesfully but like i said, it’s not syncronized with screen. Im waiting your opinions. Thanks.

(sorry for my bad english.)

It’s not two cameras. There’s just one camera, like normal, and the mirror thing has a highly refractive glass material in it. It’s just a glass material with the refraction turned up.

I just put a sphere in front of the first person character with this material on it:


Ah, I’m missing the point eh? Different stuff in the mirror :slight_smile:

You could do it with two copies of the room, a second camera in the second room writing to a render target in the mirror. But I can’t believe they went to that extreeme…

Somewhat nightmarish version here

ah, this looks much better:

I haven’t tried it, but ‘owner no see’ looks worth investigating. You’d probably need to have a camera following the player which renders to the mirror.

Thanks for your reply,

but that was not im trying to tell.

I want this;

and i have this:

I hope i described what i want.

That links can work, thanks ^^

Ah, then get rid of the refraction, or set it to 1.

it didn’t work for me. I can’t understand how I can do it.

Can you show me the material for your mirror?

of course.

The material for this bit:


that’s what you’ve already seen.

I did as you said but nothing changes.


What other components are in the list, I think there must be something else there…


What does the material graph for that look like?
( dual view plane )

If you’re asking this, I wanted to lighten the color a bit.
If you’re asking something else, I don’t english is not very good… sorry

I’m trying to do it with two cameras. but now i watched a video, he did it without the camera.