How can I Update a modified Shooter game from 4.1 to 4.2?

I found many posts pertaining to updating the Shooter Game sample from 4.1 to 4.2 but I didn’t find anything that answers my exact issue so I thought I would reach out to the community for some help. I have added code to the Shooter Game sample and would like to update it to 4.2, but as many know that will cause a lot of errors to pop up. So now that header definitions are not required and seemingly cause of many of the errors I am facing; has anyone successfully updated their Shooter Game 4.1 to 4.2? I have DL’d the 4.2 version, but im not sure if it is less of a hassle to just re-add my code to the 4.2 version or attempt to manually update the 4.1 version. If anyone has done this and can give me a rough idea as to how they altered the code to allow compiling i would appreciate it.

Hi, download the new 4.2 version, and run Unreal Engine,
then select to open your Shooter Game project, and once you do that a window will pop up:


Its best to choose “Open a Copy” and it will automatically create a copy of your project and it will attempt to compile it to 4.2.
If the compile fails it will ask you if you want to open in Visual Studio, choose yes, and compile it in VS.
If again it fails to compile check the errors list and start from there.
Good Luck
In my opinion is a better idea to just re-add your code to the new version of shooter game .