How can I understand the property "Children" in the AActor?

About a week ago,I asked a qustion about what’s a object’s outer mean? Now I know outer means actor object is outer of component,Level is outer of actor. But how can I understand a actor object’s children? If a actor object is child of another actor object, what’s relationship between two objects? Is also “Own” or otherwise?

Thanks very much!

If can hava a example,that’s great! thanks!

help!,I still don’t understand this question

Hello qscool,

A class or an object being considered a ‘child’ of another class or object normally refers to the inheritance relationship that the two objects share. A good example would be UObject and AActor. UObject is the base class that AActor inherits from. This makes AActor a child of UObject.

A good reference, though this is about general C++, for inheritance can be found here: