How can I turn these nodes into a height map?

As shown in the figure, I used some nodes to make my terrain automatically use different colors according to the angle, but I found that it has some cost performance. I want to turn it into a height map, and then create a new layer layer and use the height map to distribute colors, but I have tried all kinds of methods to export it from the material and import its color distribution information into the layer layer, I also tried to restore this node in world machine, but it can’t be exactly the same. My intuition tells me that I can, but I don’t know. I want you to help me![discord2|690x343]

I recommend looking up “texture baking in UE” or “baking out materials in UE” since that’s what you are looking for

Thank you for your reply, but I may not be able to use it. Mine is a large landscape, which can’t be baked like a model. If I convert it into a model and bake the texture, our works will always be adjusted. For such a large model, it must take a lot of time to bake :grinning: