How can i trigger and Destructible Component in c++

Hi, How can i destroy my Destructible mesh in c++ code?
I want to destroy it only when the arrow tag overlaps it.
I writed this:

if (OtherComp->ComponentHasTag("PlayerArrow") && !bIsDestroyed)
		DestructibleComponent->ApplyDamage(1.f, DestructibleComponent->GetComponentLocation(), DestructibleComponent->GetForwardVector(), 5.0f);
		DestructibleComponent->ApplyRadiusDamage(10.f, DestructibleComponent->GetComponentLocation(), 2.f, 100.f, true);
		UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT("Destroy"));
		bIsDestroyed = true;

The log is called but the applyDamage or ApplyRadiusDamage doesn’t break the mesh. What i’m missing?