How can I Transfer character from one map to the other?

How can I get the character from the default third-person map to one of my own maps? With all the animations and the a shooting gun from the first person project. thx

To move things between projects,
If you right click on any asset and look at the asset actions menu, you will see a migrate option.
Just make sure that you put it in the right folder:
Read this

That should get you started moving things between different projects.
To get him to work in your map you will need a couple of things.
You need to make sure that your game mode has the character and controller that you migrated to the new project.

I don’t think you can just put the gun animations from the First Person Example onto a third person character without doing a lot of work to tweak and retarget.
But there is a free animation starter pack on the asset store from Epic that has a bunch animations with a third person character and a gun.
That pack has all of the movement and firing animations you need to get started.

cool i needed to know this too lol ty

I did exactly what you said, and even tried a couple different ways, but im always getting this message: Blueprint could not be loaded because it derives from an invalid class. Check to make sure the parent class for this blueprint hasn’t been removed!

Im trying to take the bot blueprint from the shooter demo and place it in my own project, but I always receive that error.

You will probably need to recreate the AI into the 3rd person game template instead of migrating it.
It is too specific to the first person template I believe. (I think I tried this before myself!)

Or you would have to go through all the Bots files and recreate all the missing classes, bits and pieces and then it may not work after all of that.
Best bet, watch these AI tutorials and create your own brand new Bot LINK

in the thread you posted i gave you 2 working links to use shootergame content