How can I take screenshots/camera captures in game on Oculus Quest?

I am creating a VR mobile game for Oculus Quest 2 and the key game mechanic is taking photos with a camera. When I use the “HighResScreenshot” or “Shot” console commands it causes the game to crash the Oculus. I don’t get an error in the UE4 logs because it is such a hard crash - the error I get from the Oculus Logs is as follows:


This looks to me like some sort of rendering error. I’ve tried many combinations of the parameters for the screenshot console command and nothing seems to work. It has on one occasion created the screenshot in the saved folder on the oculus but this photo was corrupted and the game still crashed.

I then tried a different approach, I used a scene capture component to save the camera’s view to a texture and then use the ExportToDisk blueprint node to export the texture to the disk. Again, this crashed the Oculus with a different error.

I’d be really appreciative if somebody could help with this issue because it’s essential we can take and store photographs in our game and we are now thinking about having to abandon the project because it seems hopeless.

¡Hi! I’m here with the same problem, did you find any solution? cheers!

why not this ?