How can I switch between meshes in construction script ?

This is my setup:

What I’m trying to achieve is to be able to choose different set of meshes using a drop down list. At the moment if I change the blueprint to Door_001 nothing is happening. Can someone help please ?

Playing around, this works:

But I can switch just one mesh when I need to switch between sets of different amounts of meshes

Did you try the “Switch on int”?

Then you Set a integer variable to each mesh

Use “Select” Node, it a pure node which let you translate one type to another without copying same code over and over again

He is already using switch on enum

I don’t really understand what I should do, could you post an example please ?

I found the select node but I’m not sure what to do with it, to explain better what I’m trying to achieve, is the following:

I have 3 separate blueprints (the wall and the three doors). I want to have just one and be able to change it into the others via a drop down list like in the picture. Not at runtime, before building lights and all that. In this example I have only 3 version so it’s fine anyway but I have dozens of options and sometimes finding the right asset can take a while. If this was doable it would save me a lot of time building my levels. Thank you for your time !