How can I spawn multiple third person characters and switch the camera among them?

I would like to spawn multiple third person characters on random places and to switch the camera among them. Is it possible in C++?

If you are using a controller that inherits AController and your characters inherits APawn, you can use the event PossesedBy on Character to activate its camera.

APawn Doc: APawn | Unreal Engine Documentation
AController Doc: AController | Unreal Engine Documentation

Thank you! It’s a good starting point for me.

Could you show some tutorials in this topic?

Sure… here is a complete tutorial of it:

The Pawn code can be found here:

But instead of execute the camera change on Tick, execute it on PossesedBy. And you won’t need to find the handled controller since the PossesedBy will recieve it as parameter.

Well, I believe you were working on a 3rd person game, in that case I recommend this one:

Thanks a lot! What kind of class can be used to control characters and simulation? I would like to add target points to characters, which they follow automatically.

Thank you so much!