How can I show a rotating Skeletal Mesh preview in a box on the menu?

Hi, I did a Menu with HUD and Blueprints, and I want to insert a rotating skeletal mesh preview in a box on the menu. How can I do this?

Hm maybe put the skeletal mesh in front of the camera as a component of your character blueprint. Set it to visible for owner only and change its visibility when you show or hide the menu. Also uncheck every collision thing so it wont be hit by rays or something.

Placing it at the right position could be a bit tricky but i dont know another solution.

Thanks, but how can I show the camera preview on the HUD elements?

Hm. I don’t know if canvas is able to. Maybe slate can be drawn under somethi g. If not i guess you have to leave a gap open at the point of the skelatel

Hey, since someone else asked this too, i googled an found something.

I will just quote it and give you the link:

If you were in fact referring to
having your mesh drawn on the HUD
while you’re playing the game, then
this is not possible to just have your
mesh place on the HUD like this. As
only materials and textures can be
drawn on the HUD this would limit that

A workaround, one that was employeed
by Insomniac in one of their games, is
to have a sub-level with a room and
your character that is streamed into
each level. In this level would be
your character playing its idle
animation. You would then need to have
a Camera Capture 2D that would then be
able to render the idle animation onto
a texture/material (Content Examples >
Reflections Map > End of the hallway
for the example) then that material
could be drawn and shown on the HUD.

By Tim Hobson found in this question:

Thanks, but how can I create and import a Texture Render Target 2D?