How can I setup Perforce Integration and the Intermediate folder?

In research I understand that I do not want to commit this folder to Perforce. However when I marked for delete I was no longer able to build the project as I now get error that visual studio can’t find the project file.

So if I never commit these files and I want code access on another PC how does what work? Do I regenerate it with some tool I suppose but how do I do that?

Thank You.

The Intermediate folder contains a variety of files generated for you by the UHT and UBT; it should not be submitted to Perforce as there is nothing in that folder that UE4 can’t regenerate from your game source and .uproject file.

Thanks understood. My question is how do I regenerate these file on the secondary client? I don’t know how to trigger the UHT/UBT without visual studio project files and the project files don’t exist without the UHT/UBT and Intermeddiate folder. So I’m in a chicken or the egg scenario :). I must be missing some other way to run UHT/UBT?


I don’t know a non-wonky way to add ignore through the perforce visual interface. I never quite nailed the workflow and have to experiment a little each time I do it. I make a copy of the folder first and put it on my desktop or something until I get it straight because.

Here’s the documentation.

I think I normally, make a copy, then set them to remove from workspace, submit it, then copy the files back in. But because I only do this at the start of a project I always forget in-between how I did it.

With UE3 I used the ignore list. But with UE4 when I was doing C++ projects I removed from workspace. Currently I have a BluePrint only project and everything in the project is in the workspace.

My understanding is that you should be able to right click on your .uproject file and select an option to generate a Visual Studio solution for it?

Feel your pain, this perforce is extremely complicated to use for Indie development. I hope I get over the hump soon.

Great, missing link found. It doesn’t work for me but I will mark as answer and perhaps open another ticket on that not working if I can’t figure it out. Thanks a lot!!!

Okay. There’s an answer here from Ben Marsh that might be able to help you.

I found using perforce streams to be very nice to work with.
There is an ignore section in there and you can add filters for all the files you don’t want added to perforce.