How can I setup box collision to overlap motion controllers only

Usually what I would do is use a “cast to” to make sure only a specific mesh will trigger a box collision like below

But I can’t find a cast to for my motion controllers I have set up in my VRPawn

Probably because the “Cast to” only works for blueprints. In the above picture you can see my left and right controller L & R. How can I make the box collision ignore everything but the controllers?

There’s a few things you could do,
To Cast you would need to drag off of the Other Comp pin not the Other Actor pin,
This would allow you detect any motion controller, if you would like to do those motion controllers specifically you could just create an Equal (Object) node
Or you could even just test the class of the component

Pick your poison :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks the Equal (Object) node works perfectly. For some reason the cast to motion controller component does nothing. I’m using an overlapalldynamic on the box collision so I don’t know if that is interfering with it in some way. Anyway your second suggestion works so thanks again.