How can I set up laps in the Vehicle template?

I created a new level using the vehicle template that is in the marketplace. I am trying to figure out how the laps are set up. Does the car have to go through a certain amount of checkpoints before crossing the FinishLine?

I have a FinishLine trigger box and VehicleTrackPoints as in the original level.

you could also increase a float when leaving the track. if the penality is too large, the lap is not counted

you could have a trigger volume on either side of the finish line … that way you can make sure they trigger in the expected order (before finish then after finish) and does not trigger if driving the wrong way (after finish then before finish)

Add checkpoints (using triggers) to a few key locations around your track such that going through all of them means they’re not skipping parts of the track.
But don’t try to count the checkpoints. Instead, keep track of whether the player has triggered each individual checkpoint. Require that the player triggered all of them before the one at the finish line will increment the lap counter. Then once you increment the lap counter, reset this logic so that they have to drive the whole track again before they can count another lap.

Epic’s Time Attack Tutorial shows a simple way to make sure the player drove the course before counting the lap

That’s not what he was asking. He was asking how to set the number of laps before the race ends. As far as I can tell, they didn’t code in an end game to the Vehicle Demo so you simply keep going through laps in perpetuity. IE there’s no end game. Would be nice if they had documentation to support this though.