How Can I Set LODs To Custom Textures?

Hey, is it possible to set one texture to have multiple LODs and do that all in the material blueprint?
So that at 100m away from that texture, the game will update a new LOD to anything that uses that texture?

I’m really new when it comes to textures. I just started to make mine using freedownloadtextures sites and CrazyBump. Awesome program seriously, but now that I can make super cool and detail textures eases the problem of having those big textures all over my Blender Buildings make my project really heavy… lull… so this is why I’m asking’ this question right now.

Thanks in advance, my first language is french.

Hey 7todie-

I noticed you posted this issue here as well: How Can I Set LODs To Custom Textures? - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums

I am closing this post in order to focus attention for this topic in one location.