How can I set a custom character blueprint to each client

I have created a variety of character blueprints, I would like to know how I could set each one to a number of client. so for example, I would like a blue one to be player 1 and a red one to be player 2 and so forth.

Any help on how to do this would be fantastic, thank you.

Then manually spawn them and make player controller of each possess them

how do I do such a thing, I don’t understand what you mean by ‘Manually Spawn them’ and I cant seem to find the current player controller blueprint to edit it anyway

In GameMode class on PostLogin event spawn (with Spawn Actor node, tha wha i mean by manual, not use thing build in player controllers) the character (which depends on number of player controllers that are not spectator right? you can use Switch node or Select node), PostLogin even outputs Player controller of joined player, use it to make that controller possess the character with “Possesses” node. And there you go :slight_smile: on player join new character will be spawned and be possessed by controller and you can decide which character class is spawned with you selection circuit which i hope you can figure out.

I’ll play around with this method and see how it goes! :slight_smile: and will get back to you later or tomorrow to let you know! if i need anymore more help :smiley:


I’ve been following what you said and have successfully got each client spawning as the correct (and different) pawns now, however when moving any of the pawns on any client the movement isn’t replicated on the server or any other client, however the servers pawn does update on all the clients when moving, have you got any advice on where i could be going wrong or missing?

Do player controller possessess pawn? Also check defult settnings of controller and pawn

I think I have them spawning now, but how do i get them to spawn at specific player starts?