How can I send force feedback to my steering wheel?

I am currently developing a car rush game using Logitech Force GT, but I can’t find any force feedback effect in the assets. Neither can I find how to create a new force feedback effect.

My blueprint is posted at the end, is there something wrong with my blueprint?


same problem!

same problem

exact same problem as these three guys have!

also interested in this

You can create feedback effects in the content browser → right click → miscellaneous-> force feedback effect. There is none created by default so you need to create one to have anything show up as a selected drop down on the node.

Here is the docs on more info on how to set them up: Force Feedback | Unreal Engine Documentation

When I try to play a force feedback effect, that I created, in the content browser, nothing happen on my T300RS steering wheel.

Same thing if I use the blueprint node above.

Unreal engineはDirectInputに対応していないため、そのままではForceFeedbackを使用できません。

It’s almost 2024 and no one has an answer / tutorial / documentation for how to set up force feedback on steering wheels for vehicles?

yes, sad , no full tutorial or something …