How can I see Uobject Uproperties?

I have an actor class that instantiates a UObject class. This UObject class has it’s own UProperties within it’s header. Currently I can only see the UObject attached to the Actor class in the editor. How can I view those UObject UProperties?

Maybe but I’m not sure I understand that post and what it’s tyring to accomplish. My setup is that I have a actor class extended class, and a uobject extended class.

On the actor class I do this:

UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadOnly, Category = "Ico | Face")
	UMaze* theMaze = NewObject<UMaze>();

This uobject class has “UPROPERTY” variables in it, but they are not visible on my actor class. Only “theMaze” is listed as a property on the actor class. I feel like I should be able to expand that and see the UObjects UPROPERTYs as well.

Also I am able to access the properties in code of the UObject class, but I was hoping to see them inside of the editor.

Hey, check my updated answer. I think that is what is required to show a property’s properties.

I tried changing to “visibleanywhere” on both the UPROPERTY UObject in the actor class, and also all the UPROPERTY definitions on the UObject class and still, it only lists the UObject on the actor class.

Yeah, I just took an image showing their general setup. After your previous post I went through and changed all of the UPROPERTY to visible anywhere. I changed it on the Actor class where it lists the UObject reference, and I also changed it on all of the UObject UPROPERTY. I see the UObject list as a property on the Actor class in the editor, but unfortunately none of the UObject properties list.