How can I rotate Ambisonics / Resonance Audio

Hello. I’ve been scratching my head about this for a while: how can I set a default orientation of an Ambisonics wav source using Resonance Audio?

I am using Resonance Audio plugin with Oculus Rift. The audio rotates relative to the HMD rotation just fine but is there a way to set a default rotation / base offset on the audio in Unreal?
Suppose the player is in a room and there is a noisy street behind a window. The window is on the left side of the room from the player’s perspective but the audio was mastered in a way that assumed the player would be facing the opposite way thus having the window on their right side. Is there a way how to set the basic orientation of the audio in Unreal without having to remaster the ambisonics wav?

Right now I have an Audio component which plays the Ambisonics sound attached to the pawn. I would expect rotating the Audio component would change the sound orientation as well but this doesn’t seem to work.