How can I resolve the UBT warning: "UnrealBuildTool found an Intermediate folder ..."?

I am getting the following warning when compiling my project:

“UnrealBuildTool found an Intermediate folder while looking for rules ‘D:\Dev\Projects\UE4\Engine\Source\Intermediate’. It should only ever be searching under ‘Source’ folders – an Intermediate folder is unexpected and will greatly decrease iteration times!”

Why is this happening and how do I fix it.

Only thing that occurred to me was to run compilation from different folders from command prompt, but that didn’t help (or I didn’t find the correct folder). My project resides in D:\Dev\Projects\UTG

Have you moved the folder from one directory on your PC to another? It looks like your project settings are looking in different places for the source code. The build tool seems to be looking:


where-as your project itself lies in:


Are you trying to compile a project with the UE source code aswell?


is where the engine source is.

I now ran build on engine itself again and got the same warning.

As far as I remember I didn’t rename project and engine folders, but if that can be the cause is there a way to check if I did in fact rename them?

All projects I have created have that warning on Mac.