How can I remove background color from a material?


I wanna remove background color and making it transparent.

Thank you in advance !

You want to have just the character without the background?
If you use SceneCapture2D you could add character as ShowOnlyActor and then capture would put only this in a texture.

Thank U very much, but this a new feature of version 4.13.

Then you can use copy of your character with mirrored animations, place it somewhere else in the world with black wall behind it and capture it.

Thank u.
I found a solution on github: GitHub - Tolc/Unreal-UMG-3DObjectInWidget: A simple Unreal Engine 4 project (precisely 4.7.4) showing how to render a 3D object/mesh in a UMG widget..
But this solution generates noticeable aliasing.

You don’t need to chroma key any more, as of 4.12 or 4.13 there’s an option in the scene capture component to choose what the capture source will be that includes an option to encode inverse opacity in A.

The problem with this option is that it doesn’t capture post process.
What if I need post process + transparency around the object?
If I chose “final color”, I get the post process but there’s a black background around the object.
As I’m working on a stylized game, I juste can’t use capture that render my objects without the art style of my game.

Did you find the answer to this?