How can I remove a material element

Is there any way to remove a material from a mesh? When I click on the material, UE does not offer an option to remove it from the mesh. I cannot figure out why… Seems like that would be a common thing for someone to want to do. Do I have to delete the whole mesh object, reimport it and jump through all those hoops over again just to get rid of a material I accidently added or otherwise do not want associated with the mesh? Please tell me there is a simpler way.
I did “clear” the material, but I suspect UE will still want to render it simply because it is still there as the default World Grid Material or whatever it’s called. I only need one material for this mesh. The learning curve is steep enough without having to run into $#!+ like this. A delete option would seem painfully obvious here.
I googled it… apparently lots of people have this same question, but from what I read, the solutions offered seem even more time-consuming than just starting from scratch.

Open the file in the modelling program, remove the material slot, export it as FBX (or glTF which I would assume works just the same).

If you save it at the same location where you saved the original before importing it into Unreal, you can then just right-click the asset in content browser and select reimport.

Double click on the mesh itself in content browser and you should be in the static mesh editor, look at the material slots section and press the X-button on the right side of the slot name.

Ok. Now I just feel dumb! lol. thank you.

Where is that “X” button…?

Almoth a month late, but it’s here, just not given to the first element as one must exist.

If you add material slots in the static mesh editor, you will see that all but the first material slot will have an “x” at the bottom–right.

Hi, the X only appears for new slots that are added, not for existing slots- apart from the first one of course, eg, the last two in the screenshot. Even if I force delete the material from the content browser, it’s still there. Am I missing something? Thanks.


yeah, i noticed that that changed a while back…

export your mesh out,
take it into blender,
check the materials to see if there are one or two materials,
delete the second material
or in either case, re-import with just one material, and see if that works…

make sure you back up the original just in case

Thanks Northstar, we’ll do it the long way then. Shame they got rid of that function, presumably they had a good reason for it…