How can I re-scale the fire particle better?

I was doing the tutorials with the UE and just created the Brazier that is under the blueprints section and it helps you learn components. I was trying to make is so that walking up to the brazier and pressing f on it turns off the light and the fire particle. Easy enough, but I wanted it so that when it turns on and off it would slowly grow and slowly die (kind of like a real fire). I finally got it working and was wondering if there was a simpler way to do it. Below is the blueprint for the brazier and the Character blueprint for the input. The first image is the brazier blueprint and it controls the instructions for turning on and off the light and particle. The second one is the character blueprint and it just has the input instructions.I’m mostly concerned with simplying and bettering the brazier’s blueprint. Any help or input is appreciated.
Thank you,
Tucker Zischka