How can I optimize my project?

Dear unreal 4 users, i ask you help to solve my problem because i’m a starter and i made a Project using unreal 4.10.4 and i think it is preety good, but after packaging it and oppening it the game runs at a very low FPS and that makes my project absolutely unplayable. I don’t know if i have to modify something from my packaging configuration or somethng like that, but i’ve tryed every option and it still does not work good. In my editor it Works perfectly well and I have a good pc hardware. could you help me please ?

Hello Azazel_70,

There are quite a few things that could be related to your performance problems. First of all, what kind of hardware do you have in your computer? You can take a look at our recommended specifications here to get an idea as to if your computer is up to the task.

What kind of assets to you have in your level? Is it a lot of static meshes, a lot of foliage or anything of the sort? Do you also have low framerate while in the engine or is it only when it’s packaged? As for getting information on what exactly is causing the lag, this set of pages can be useful for that information.

Thanks man, that was really helpfull, you solved it :slight_smile: