How can I offset and actor based on another actors local rotation?

So I am working on a control scheme for HTC Vive. What I want to do is use the trackpad to have 360 degree movement based on where I am looking. So if I press forward on the trackpad I will go in the direction I’m currently facing, back will go backward and left would move left based off my looking direction. The problem I’m running into is I am moving by adding offset to the entire player pawn (adding offset to just the headset seems like a bad idea to me). So the player pawn doesn’t rotate, it just moves, and I want it to move based on the local yaw of the headset(camera). I have already tried setting the pawn to the rotation of the camera on a tick, but that turned out to be a bad idea.

Anyone have an idea of how this could be accomplished? (Working in Blueprints)