How can I not render my particle after a certain time


How can I do so my particle don’t render until a certain amount of time?

I’m trying to do a rain particle system, and I want to check that if there is something above the player, the rain won’t fall.

So as there might be objects very high above the player, I need to set my emitter even higher.

Then I add a collision-kill module to my particle, and it works fine.

The problem is that if there is no objects above the player, the particles will be rendered from very high until it reaches the player, so there will be a lot of useless particles…
So is there a way not to render the particles until they reaches a few units above the player head, but with still the colision system working?

Thank you!

Hey Shelby -

I would attach a particle system into the Components section of your Character Blueprint with an Inital Location Module set to a Uniform 250,250,250 MAX and -250,-250,0 MIN. The Do a Sphere Trace above the character to check for Visibility and Activate or Deactivate the system based on that trace. Example (Based on Third Person My Character Blueprint):

In addition, you will probably want to have a separate effect for the rain running in the generic level with no cover.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum