How can I my mask my landscape layer sample properly?

Hi! So I’m trying to mask my landscape grass so that it will appear only in the “sidewalk cracks” of my pathway. The mask lines up with the path base colour texture so I should be able to mask it in the material editor. The result I’m getting is sort of working but it isn’t lined up properly with the version I’ve painted on my terrain. I’ve included photos to help explain.

The section commented “Grass only on transparent part of path mask” is where I’m attempting to mask out certain parts of the layer sample.

You can see that while it masking out sections, it isn’t exactly lined up with the actual path. Could anyone help me get my mask lined up with the path base colour? Thank you in advance!

Hi - I spent a long time trying to figure out why my version of this wasn’t working. It turns out that the ‘resolution’ of the grass placement is pretty low, you need a very clear path for it to follow.

( My grass meshes are those tiny white pyramids ).

It wasn’t until I really blew up the UVs that this started working:

I just did this:

What looks like plain pink, is in fact the hex pattern, just really blown up.

It’s important to use a strong b&w texture to steer the process, I notice you’re using the combined output, might not work.

Also, subtract ( like you have ) also works fine, I’m just happier with a lerp. On the whole it’s more flexible.

EDIT: Better pic: