How can I move flying AI to player character?

I want AI character (character blueprint) who is flying, to follow n catch player character.

I tried ‘Nav Mesh Bounds Volume’, it really works cool but only for AI those can walk on floor. My second AI is a ‘Bird’ and thus it won’t walk but will be flying.

‘Simple Move to Actor’ is not working for flying character. What should I do to implement a AI that will fly to follow n catch player character?

We currently don’t have any support for free-3D navigation like for flying. You’ll have to fake it for now with AIController.MoveToActor and AIController::MoveToLocation it Use Pathfinding flag unchecked. This will make AI move in straight line to its destination, without any pathfinding.



I found out lately that developer named Venugopalan Sreedharan made a free plugin to support 3D nav mesh for flying AI.

He also shares sample project.

Hi Mieszko

Is not it still implemented to the engine? 3D pathfinding for flying AIs, I mean.

is there any plan to implement it in the future?

There is a free plugin in the marketplace for flying actor path finding. It does a good job of generating a path with obstacle avoidance.

Any follow up on this? I am looking for a way to create a “Flying AI” - think Dragon Ball Z - or flying angel - at a modified player pawn I created using the VR template. Any insight or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

xoxo - AG