How can I modify the size of a metahuman to 1m72?

It seems like the metahumans you can create in the metahuman creator, only have 3 sizes: small, average, and tall.

I’ve done a motion capture with 5 people of different sizes. One guy even was 2m(!). I would like to check the accuracy of the capture when I translate the movements to metahumans. The characters have a lot of interaction (bumping each other for example). To verify the accuracy, the 3D models need to have the same proportions as the real human beings.

Is there any way I can change it in Unreal? Of course, I can change the scale of the total blueprint, but let’s say I double the character’s size, the distance to the root doubles too.

When enlarging the root bone in the skeletal mesh, I have the same problem.

Changing the pelvis bone smaller makes the character float, or lets his feet stick through the floor (when enlarging).

Any idea?

Thank you!!

Hey! I am having this issue too now, any progress on your side?

Hey, no, unfortunately not…
Still looking for help :wink:

Still looking for help, if anybody has any ideas…

I’ve found this: (Tutorial) UE5 Mesh Morpher - Change Meta Human Height - YouTube
Maybe this can help me out.

And indeed, it was a matter of time: