How can I merge static shadows and dynamic shadows with a directional light?

Hello everybody!

I want to merge/mix in the same floor shadows from statics and movables objects. I want to build shadows with static lighting at maximum quality, like a archviz, and then have movables objects with different shadow, dynamic.

I tried stationary light, but it destroys my build setup, and creates a dynamyc shadow for all the static objects. I tried to use two lights. A movable and a static directional light, but again static objects have a second movable shadow. I thought about lights channels, but again the floor will receive two lights.

Any idea? Thanks!

You can, if you want, have totally static lighting. Even when you do that, moveable objects will still be light dynamically.

( static lights still provide dynamic light for moveable objects ).

Really?? I tried everything and my movable objects doesn’t have shadows with static light.

Actually I’m working in Vulkan. I tried with stationario directional light and CSM. It works with normal Forward Shading render, but it doesn’t in Vulkan.

I tried normal stationary without CSM distance, but it only works with area lights active, giving me the same indirect illumination than static lights build, but is the same CSM (it doesn’t disable), and doesn’t work in Vulkan.

Well. Definitely, with static lighting I don’t have dynamic light.

And in Vulkan CSM doesn’t work for stationary lights. Any idea?