How can I make the Widget texts to stop flickering in VR?

Hi! This is a recorded from the Oculus GO.
All my texts have this flickering even when the headset is still. Some of the texts are illegible. How can I fix that?

The laptop text flickers

The leftmost text is illegible

Illegible text on the laptop and pad

Hi nunesbarbosa,

This looks to me like it might be Z-fighting, is the text on a separate plane above the screen?
if it is id recommend moving it forward ever so slightly to stop this.

If not id recommends trying a different anti-aliasing method as this might be the cause of your issues.

I hope this helps,

Hi ,
there are no objects on top of the Widget. I’ve tried all different anti aliasing methods and there is no difference as well as changing text material.
I’ve added more samples. I thought at first it could be the font size and distance but there are smaller text on the Oculus Dashboard that are 100% legible.

Did you ever sort this out?

Any solution?

Place your widgets in stereo layers:

Not so straight forward to setup but once you figure it out crystal clear widgets!

Thanks a lot! I will take a look