How can I make small, very detailed movements of objects?

When moving objects like a camera around my scene, I know how to change the orientation from “world” to “local”. However, when I try to input finer, very minute changes into the “transform” section of the details menu for my object while the object’s in local, it stills calculates for world. Is there a way to change this? Even when I change the transform settings in the details menu to “relative” from “world” (fwiw, I tested it from both settings) when I input values here it still calculates them for World.

In general, I'm trying to learn an easy, convenient way to make very small, detailed movements of my objects (For example, setting a camera to shoot something close-up at JUST the right angle).

Thanks in advance.

In case somebody, four years from now, has this same problem, I found a DECENT solution.

In the viewport, along the upper-right edge, it gives you the option to fine-tune “grid snapping”. Long story short, that’s the increments by which the object will move when you grab an arrow within the viewport and move it. The default is 10, and it goes as low as one. If you need anything finer than that, and you’re manipulating the object in local space, you’re out of luck. Inputing numeric values in the transform panel of the details menu only calculates for world space. This grid-snapping can also be adjusted for rotation and scale in that same area along the upper-right.

[Transforming Actors | Unreal Engine Documentation][1]


Thanks man, 7 years later this was the easiest fix. I love you!


Does anybody have a way to do this right now for Unreal 5? Any way to drag objects with much finer precision? I’ve set grid snapping to a custom low value but it doesn’t change the speed at which objects move along with the mouse, making detailed movements incredibly difficult and tedious to perform.

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In UE 5.1, across the top of a Viewport window, there is a grid icon with a vertical divider separating it from a number to the right of it. Click the grid icon until it is not blue. Then you can translate the object continuously by dragging it normally. Click the grid icon again to return to snapping. Click on the number for a list of predefined values for grid granularity.

Unfortunately this does not help the speed at which objects move when translating them, only the intervals at which they can be placed.
The issue a lot of us have is that the movement input for placing an object is just too sensitive to have good control over that kinda placement :confused:

I ended up downloading engine source code and coding a finetune movement shortcut for it myself, saved me days worth of fiddling.

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2024 and it is still hard to do precise transforms in UE. In Blender it is so easy and smooth with the Shift key. I wish this would be the same in UE

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The best way to move objects with extreme precision is to simply click the object and go to the transform section in the details panel. Under location/rotation you can move objects with as much precision as you want, type any number with tons of decimals. And as earlier posters wrote, make sure to uncheck the grid icon to avoid snapping, same goes for rotation and scale. (image stolen from Google since I’m not on my computer atm)

Most of us do know about this functionality, but it is a very painful process to have to resort to the Details panel’s transform widget in order to carry out these precise movements as opposed to a simple sensitivity setting or hotkey such as any other modeling/game engine software has.
If anything this post can become a feature request.


I have a suggestion: what if we use a gaming mouse and then employ a macro to change our mouse sensitivity, from high to low?