How can i make particle bursts distributed along a line not spawn on top of each other?

hmm… noooo clue. id like to know as well.
could probably handle it with blueprints… but as I am no bp guy… I commented so I get updates on this post :slight_smile:

I just starter using UDK a week or so ago so i’m still a newbie at it but i can’t seem to find a solution to this problem i’m having.

So I am trying to make a particle system that spits out random letters (with subUV) and it works. I then tried to expand on this and to generate bursts of 10 (to look like random strings) by using the initial location module and distributing the particles over 10 points. It kinda works but some particles are spawning on top of others. Is there any way to better control this?

Thanks in advance!