How can I make my landscape materials better looking?

These are screenshots from my environment.I createt landscape textures with substance designer.The problem is my landscape and environment looks bad like a old game.What makes this landscape looks low quality?Is it because of my textures only or can I make them look better with engines features?

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Do you think yours look bad? You should take a look at mine…


:smiley: any advice?

Yours doesn’t look bad, why do you think that? When you see this in other games, there are usually more things on top of the texture, like trees, rocks, grass and other things.
And are you using normal maps? That could make a huge difference.

Edit: What I mean is that I don’t think the problem is with the textures itself, it lacks depth. And maybe with could get that with normal maps, roughness and other settings on the materials. But i’m far from an expert on this, like I said mine looks a lot worse. But I bet there are others on this forum that can help on this.

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yes,I’m using normal maps but I think there is lack of depth too.Thanks for advices by the way :slight_smile:

You posted stills, doesn’t it look better with movement? Normal maps affect the way light hits the surface, that will be more noticeable while in movement… maybe?

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What do you mean by movement like movement of grass? It’s doesn’t have a animation like that.But if you mean is it looks better from different angles while moving;No I think it’s just looks like that

No, I’m mean when you play the game and the camera viewpoint moves.

This is from a famous great looking video game. Now remove all the grass and flowers and then tell me how it looks like. Bland, probably.

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I understand.You may be right.Thank you :slight_smile:

Your textures themselves look good. I think what’s bothering you is just the way the different materials interact. It isn’t quite mimicking nature. You need more subtle, intertwining overlap between ground and grass (like in the example Limanima posted), and more variety in the way the water meets the land. My advice is to search around for reference photos of the kinds of scenes your trying to create, build a reference board in PureRef (or similar software) where you can study them easily, and spend some time on improving that part of it. Specifically, right now your brushwork looks too consistent and spotty. Try to vary it more, for example, add some nice, crisp little accent plants popping up in loose groups in the sparse areas, rather than always having a soft blend. Maybe add some pebbles here and there in both the grassy areas with the sandy areas to create a visual flow between the different textures and help get away from the spotty look. And maybe add some rocks jutting out into the water to define the edge, instead of using a soft blend. Then I think you’ll really have something! :wink:

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Thanks for advice.I think you think my gravel textures are water textures :frowning: .I can’t blame you :smiley: .But I got your point. I will try to use your tips and post results

OH! Yes, I did, I’m sorry! I thought it was nice little creek! I would try some different gravel textures. Check Megascans. They have lots! :slight_smile:

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The dirt in all of your materials are different colors, that’s one issue.

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How the color of the dirt and other stuffs’ colors can be same? Their colors looks like very annoyingly different I got your point. But I couldn’t understand that how can I fix that issue. I mean color of gravel and grass must be different. How can I make them harmonious and compatible ?

It looks too flat, only on the pavement you get that, earth is more bumpy it’s not a flat surface.
Try to make some terrain bumps but on a very small level where things are not even.

The textures look too flat also. That is the problem in general I think.

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Noted+ thanks for advice:)

It looks like you’ve got two different dirt materials that are completely different colors, and just in general your materials are too different and don’t look like they’re from the same place.
You should look at some reference photos of places that have a similar look to what you’re going for, that can help you see what kinds of textures you want to use.

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It will help you to look at lots of references that you like. Don’t work from imagination entirely. You’ll have a much easier time and get a better result if you look around. As for color harmony, remember that the color of light will effect the color of everything. When you study references, you’ll see that some days have a bluish cast, for example, and other days have a purple or yellow cast. It’s very very subtle, but it matters a lot.

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I have noted all the advice you gave me. I will be working on these issues and I will post my last scene.

Why not just use the free Quixel Megascans textures?