How can I make Blobby Particle Effects?

These are metaballs - there is no way to achieve this with the stock Unreal tool set. If you wanted to achieve this, you’d firstly have to build geometry shader support, then you’d have to implement the supporting code and a geometry shader for it. It’s not a particularly easy task since it involves working directly with the rendering code.

What is the best way to achieve this effect in UE4?

Is it possible to achieve using the particle system or with an advanced material?


Ah yes - metaballs that was the term I was trying to remember. Thanks. So long as I know it’s possible - even if I couldn’t do it all alone just yet :slight_smile:

Take a look here: Metaballs Proof of Concept

I have started working on integrating metaballs into UE4 and like all my stuff, the code will be freely available for anyone to use once i am complete. Right now it functions, performance is not the best, still requires some optimizations, I want to also include a path that uses the Compute Shader and Tessellation. Will continue to update as I make progress. Although unfortunately this is not my highest priority, it is mainly a side project.

Wow great work Ehamloptiran - I will keep an eye on your progress and thanks for providing it to the community! I proposed metaballs for use in with the Bio Rifle in this thread if you were interested: UT4 Bio-rifle

Thanks for the feedback!