How can I make an array of a component?

I have a UStruct that has a TArray. At beginPlay I add a single component to that array like so…

	rmc_Base.base.Add(NewObject<URuntimeMeshComponent>(this, FName("rtm_Base")));

Usually I would have added the object in the constructor using


but I need to be able to add these components to an array as needed. So why is my mesh no longer drawing. I can see the component listed in the hierarchy in the editor when I play the game. But it is not being rendered?

I found this link but it confuses me a little. Does this mean that there is no way to have an array of components?

Found the solution [here][1]. Basically I needed to register the component myself because it is after play had started.

rmc_Base.base[indexofComponent]->registercomponent(); There was some useful information on that page about setting a bool value if begin play had already occurred…