How can I make a translucent material that also has an opacity fade?

Think…Milky Way!!

Like at night in the sky…
i have a simple plane style model one-sided with some curves and what not to replicate what It’s look like in the sky at night.

For the material so far I have a perlin noise green channel lerped with a couple scalars to make the opacity look a little foggy which it good. and a little emissive and frennel work for a finishing touch.

The only problem I have are the rough edges of the mesh…I was wanting to know if there is anything I can do with the material that would make the sides of the mesh kind of fade…so they aren’t such rough transitions with my skysphere…once again…I’m making a milky way…literally/.

So simply, how can I have the material set the sided of my mesh fade to translucent??

thanks guys :slight_smile: Hope I worded that OK.

Can anyone tell me if what I’m trying to achieve is possible?

Hey AttemptD -

I believe this is the setup you want to use. I have subtracted to Fresnel effects with different powers to allow the removal of the edge but keep the central opacity as well.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

That is incredible! Thank you so much!!

excellent work Dev, I needed something like that, you nailed Thanks

Thanks Eric, that works amazingly. It’s a perfect solution for planetary scale atmosphere. Could’ve just wasted a year trying to perfect Rayleigh scattering.