how can I make a solid wireframe material

I’ve found the wireframe toggle on the materials. But when I toggle this the material is see-through except the wireframe. I would like the background solid as well (just a different color or material). I’ve looked into layered materials but when making attribute values I cannot find the wireframe toggle anymore. Dumping this into a material with wireframe toggle activated just turns the plugged in material translucent as well (except where the wireframe is). Whats the trick for this?

Except for doing some really deep hlsl coding (I don’t think the required functionality for this would be in the material editor but i could be wrong) the best I know of is to have a UV map with non-overlapping UVs and export a texture mask of them for use in an engine material. This is custom per mesh per material.

For simpley object like Box, you can use this shader tron-like glowing effect.

This would only work for viewing in the editor. Real time, game materials don’t have access to this information/buffer as far as i know.

I guess this is for debugging purpose. In my case, the lead artist of the studio require this for mesh edges analysis.

For sure, it’s a valuable tool in editor for debugging normal/edge issues.

what you can do is create a new uv channel, and use a per face mapping. and use a simple black box with a white stroke as color.
it should do the trick