How can I make a Slate Scrollbar

Hello everyone, i have one misunderstand, i used SScrollBox and Wrapbox to make scrollable content, and scrollbar was reaction on my scroll mouse button, now i changed SWrapBox to STileView and now Scrollbar doesnt react on any action(scroll mouse button or moving scrollbar by mouse ), what can it be?

STileView is already scrollable via the IScrollableWidget interface, so it’s probably just consuming all of the events rather than forwarding them on to SScrollBox like SWrapBox would have.

You shouldn’t need an outer SScrollBox if you’re using an STileView.

i removed

and it doesnt scroll anyways, should i just code that scrolling?

ok, now it scrolls, but only with mouse cursor, when i hold left mouse button and drag it, but mouse scroll wheel doesnt work and it doesnt save scroll position