How can i make a seamless transition (Substance Painter)

I have a simple Wall and i want to stack them together, but how can i make a seamless transition that you cant see the different walls

I would also like to know the answer to this question so im happy to bump it

Heightblending is probably what you want to do

Thats not what i want to do, but thanks.
Thats my problem:

First you have to make sure that your texture is seamless and after that make sure the UVs of the Mesh is seamless.

i cant make the UVs seamless without stretching it.
And the texture is seamless

It’s probably easier to edit the mesh so it fits with the texture, if your texture is 1x1 (square) and seamless you can make a 2x1 sized wall and put the seamless texture tiled two times.

that would work for this wall, but i have walls with window holes, and doors, where should i place those?

I don’t see how that changes anything. If it tiles correctly from the start it doesn’t matter if there are holes in the mesh as long as you don’t mess up the UVs. The important thing is that you base everything on units so things fit on a grid so UV tiling (in materials) is easy.

Anyway you should probably post this (or search) on the Substance forums instead.

edit: Here’s an example:

Each face is unwrapped by itself so it tiles nicely.

You dont understand how my wall is build.
First of all, there is a skirting.
it has 2 Sides, Outer and Inner Wall.
At the walls with windows are faces between the outer and inner wall.
How should i fit that in one UV? And there is no option to make multiple ones without getting overwhelmed with textures and materials.

And nobody answers at the substance forum.
Ofc i tried it there first.

It doesn’t matter how the wall is built… The easiest way is to split by material, so the UVs stay the same and you just change material where you want to, for the skirting and each wall. It uses a few more draw calls though because of multiple materials, but that’s up to you.

If you don’t want to have multiple materials you need to make a template piece and copy/edit it to reuse the UVs. Basically the image you posted at the top but using more of the UV space. It should work if your material is seamless. If it isn’t you can use the clone brush.

I worked on a project recently where the majority of the level was built with BSP meshes (I know, trust me, I know) and we didn’t have time to replace it all for the demo; so to get rid of nearly every seam on the walls, I just made sure that the material I used was just aligned with the world. You could probably do something similar here unless I’m not understanding your problem correctly.

As James said, world-aligned uvs will tile perfectly ( but they cost a little more)

I didn’t even use the world aligned node (built a much simpler version) and it didn’t cost much in terms of performance, so if OP wants to just handle this without dealing with remaking his meshes/redoing UVs, I’d go with world aligned UVs for sure.

Ow does that work? didnt know that i can do that

Here’s a short video:

What I do is cut image into 4 slices, and the flip each image inner to outside. then repair the center. Each center corner should go to the outside You now have an instant tilling texture. I dont have substance, but I do like the uv painting style. I just don’t need it yet.