How can i make a Sandstorm particle like this?

Hi, I have been trying to find some tutorials on how to make a few things in Unreal Particle System but it’s really hard to find specifics. I can find videos but they just show and don’t teach.

Can someone help me out on how can I make particle effects like the ones on this video:

I actually went through this on my livestream. You need to create a material for the particle system cloud, and then the rest is pretty straight forward. Message me on discord ( riuthamus ) and i can help you.


I think that the hard part is building it up in the Cascade System. Specialy because my version is the 12.5, and i can’t upgrade it because it corrupts my work, but it doesn’t hurt to try it out, maybe it works out. Do you have a video showing how to build this Sandstorm?

This setup works in 4.11… so you should be perfectly fine. Also i do not have a video, thats why I tried to have you add me on discord so I could livechat the stuff to you.