How can I make a mesh partly seethrough when my character stands behind it

Hey everybody, my spring is quite far off from my character and there are a lot of small / thing props in between the camera and the character, such as thin pillars and walls etc.

I think it would be very beneficial and it would also give me more options for the project if I were able to make a sort of semi transparent effect when my character (or enemies that are attacking you) for all of my meshes.

Thanks in advance

Custom Depth sounds like what you’re after.

Excellent article on it:

Oh thanks a lot buddy, I will have a look at it soon!

Perhaps you could answer me another question as well?

I have been trying to dive into destructible meshes, and they mightve seemed easy at first but trying to tweak and modify them to what I need has been a huge pain!
Do you have any good documentation that I wouldnt have found yet?
Particularly about making the debris disappear after some time.
Letting the objects accumulate damage instead of blowing up instantly.
As well as not having to make them physics objects? Running into a wall should fracture it, not send it half across the map haha.

ANY kind of answer would be greatly appreciated!