How can I make a material that allows drawing texture with tilemaps?

I’m looking to create a game with low res textures in a 3D enviroment. (Think octopath traveler)
As you can see from the screenshots, the game still uses what appears to be a terrain with tiled textures. Is there any way to set up a material/object so I can populate it with tiles made up of small textures or pulled from one large tile sheet? I want to be able to paint my textures onto a grid in similar fashion to something like RPG maker.

I’m hoping to avoid having to make the level, UV the terrain, make one large texture in photoshop, and import it. And I’d also like to avoid having to make each separate tile a different object with a different texture applied, as that would take forever to build levels.

Any thoughts?

Side note; I can’t code worth a ■■■■, so it’d either have to be totally spelled out for me or done through blueprints for me to be able to use it.