How can I make a level to select a character with all charectors showed in the level?

I am working on an rpg game. And I want to make a level for the player to select one character. All the character are listed in the scene. The character you selected can be rotate by the keyboard left and right.
I am using a pawn with a USkeletalMeshComponent and a CameraComponent attached to it. So can I do like this way?
And if i set the pawn - possess to player0 then I can see from the camera that attached to it and rotate the character, but could I change to control another character?
Or, is there other solutions to do what I hope to be done?

I think you should have a special player controller and pawn for just the character select screen.

The special player controller will move the special invisible pawn around the character selection map, and that pawn won’t be a character, but just a camera.

The special player controller should keep track of which character is selected, and then take the rotation controls to rotate the selected character actor, without possessing it.

Finally when you select a character and load the level, you can save the selection type in the PlayerState (with steamless travel) or GameInstance. Then when the map loads, create the real pawn of their selection type and possess it with the real player controller.

Thank you. I’ve solved this by what you said. I created a controller but wrote by blueprint.